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@sapphire/plugin-apiPlugin for @sapphire/framework to expose a REST API
@sapphire/plugin-editable-commandsPlugin for @sapphire/framework to have editable commands
@sapphire/plugin-hmrPlugin for @sapphire/framework for hot module reloading for pieces
@sapphire/plugin-i18nextPlugin for @sapphire/framework to support i18next.
@sapphire/plugin-loggerPlugin for @sapphire/framework to have pretty console output
@sapphire/plugin-pattern-commandsPlugin for @sapphire/framework that adds support for pattern commands.
@sapphire/plugin-scheduled-tasksPlugin for @sapphire/framework to have scheduled tasks
@sapphire/plugin-subcommandsPlugin for @sapphire/framework that adds support for subcommands.
@sapphire/plugin-utilities-storePlugin for @sapphire/framework to have a Sapphire store which you can fill with utility functions available through the container