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Function: isAnyInteractableInteraction()

isAnyInteractableInteraction(messageOrInteraction: APIMessage | BaseInteraction <CacheType> | Message<boolean>): messageOrInteraction is AnyInteractableInteraction

Checks whether the input messageOrInteraction is one of Message or any class that extends BaseInteraction As opposed to isAnyInteraction this also checks that the interaction can actually be interacted with by the user which means that this cannot be an AutocompleteInteraction. That said, this type guard filters the messageOrInteraction down to one of:

  • Interaction
  • ButtonInteraction
  • ChannelSelectMenuInteraction
  • ChatInputCommandInteraction
  • CommandInteraction
  • ContextMenuInteraction
  • MentionableSelectMenuInteraction
  • MessageComponentInteraction
  • MessageContextMenuCommandInteraction
  • ModalSubmitInteraction
  • RoleSelectMenuInteraction
  • SelectMenuInteraction
  • StringSelectMenuInteraction
  • UserContextMenuCommandInteraction
  • UserSelectMenuInteraction


messageOrInteractionAPIMessage | BaseInteraction <CacheType> | Message<boolean>The message or interaction that should be checked.


messageOrInteraction is AnyInteractableInteraction

true if the messageOrInteraction is an instanceof BaseInteraction and does NOT pass Interaction.isAutocomplete(), false otherwise.