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Type alias: PaginatedMessagePage

PaginatedMessagePage: (index: number, pages: PaginatedMessagePage[], handler: PaginatedMessage) => Awaitable <PaginatedMessageMessageOptionsUnion> | PaginatedMessageMessageOptionsUnion

The pages that are used for PaginatedMessage.pages

Pages can be either a Message, or an Awaitable function that returns a Message.

Furthermore, MessageOptions can be used to construct the pages without state. This library also provides MessageBuilder, which can be used as a chainable alternative to raw objects, similar to how MessageEmbed works.

Ideally, however, you should use the utility functions addPageBuilder, addPageContent, and addPageEmbed as opposed to manually constructing MessagePages. This is because a PaginatedMessage does a lot of post-processing on the provided pages and we can only guarantee this will work properly when using the utility methods.