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Getting Started


This plugin provides an API endpoint for your bot that can be called from external services. A good exemplary use case for this is once your bot grows to have enough configuration options that you want to offer a website to your end-users to change those settings, and your website needs to interface with the bot for this to work.


npm install @sapphire/plugin-api @sapphire/framework [email protected] [email protected]


Start by importing the registration file in your project to use the plugin:


Then, you can use the following configuration options in your SapphireClient extension class or initializer. This will either be located in your new SapphireClient constructor call, or super in your constructor method if you use an extension class.

const { OAuth2Scopes } = require('discord.js');

auth: {
// The application/client ID of your bot
// You can find this at
id: '',
// The client secret of your bot
// You can find this at
secret: '',
// The name of the authentication cookie
cookie: 'SAPPHIRE_AUTH',
// The URL that users should be redirected to after a successful authentication
redirect: '',
// The scopes that should be given to the authentication
scopes: [OAuth2Scopes.Identify],
// Transformers to transform the raw data from Discord to a different structure.
transformers: []
// The prefix for all routes, e.g. / or v1/
prefix: '',
// The origin header to be set on every request at 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin.
origin: '*',
// Any options passed to the NodeJS "net" internal server.listen function
// See
listenOptions: {
// The port the API will listen on
port: 4000